Orbit Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom produced, highest-quality warp knit fabrics. Based on clients’ needs, applications and budget, we knit, dye-to-match and finish a broad range of industrial, apparel, and multi-use scrims, meshes, tulles, nettings, tricots and other fabrics. Additionally, we always maintain a large inventory of greige and finished stock.


Offering thicknesses from 15 to 70 denier and 28-32 gauge stitching, we carry the widest selection of Nylon and Polyester warp knit tricots. We stock everything from light weight wide open tricot scrims for backings to super fine lingerie fabrics and print cloths -- with many qualities in between. We run both 2 bar and 3 bar warp knitting machines that can be dyed to match any shade. Customized construction, finish and hand is our specialty.


We run standard tulle, also known as bridal illusion, in three main widths: 54”, 72” and 108”. We stock 60 colors and can dye to match custom shades in dye lot quantities. We also carry 60” dress tulle that is more tear resistant for skirts and applications that require the additional durability.


We run netting in two basic stitches. The lightweight honeycomb design is stocked in 72” in a wide variety of colors. We also run Bobbinet (also called English net) a the honeycomb stitch with a small hole often utilized in high-quality exclusive curtains, bridalwear, haute couture fashion and lingerie. We run extra stiff nettings with a diamond shaped hole for petticoats and always keep 54” and 72” in stock. We also stock our extra stiff petticoat net in 60”.