• A Tradition of Customer Value

    Orbit Industries is a fully vertical producer and supplier of American-made warp knit fabrics, scrims, tricots and nettings to the apparel and industrial markets.

    About Us
  • A Proud Manufacturing Heritage

    Our textile factory in Gloversville, NY combines the best of modern technology and generations of quality craftsmanship.

  • An Ability to Meet Any Unique Customer Specification

    Flexible manufacturing allows Orbit Industries to deliver a wide array completely customized fabrics.


The Orbit Industry Way

As a privately-held, family-run business with deep industry roots and strong relationships cultivated over many decades, we control all elements of our specialty textile manufacturing process from warping and knitting to dyeing to finishing. This has enabled us to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of customization, responsiveness and quality at the lowest possible costs. While stocking an assortment of tulle, net and tricot fabrics, Orbit prides itself on the ability to work quickly with customers to develop specific fabric for that customer’s specific need.

Our teams are wholly dedicated to customer satisfaction. We strive to meet any unique need. For more than three decades, Orbit Industries has been the supplier of choice of those who expect the most from a textile partner.

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Orbit is a leading producer of custom netting and other warp knit fabrics, manufactured to our customer’s exact specifications. Based on end-user needs, applications and budget, we will specially design fabrics, dye to match color and cut to required sizes.


Offering thicknesses from 15 to 70 denier and 28-32 gauge stitching, we carry the widest selection of Nylon and Polyester warp knit tricots. We stock...


We run standard tulle, also known as bridal illusion, in three main widths: 54”, 72” and 108”. We stock 60 colors and can dye to match custom shades in...


We run netting in two basic stitches. The lightweight honeycomb design is stocked in 72” in a wide variety of colors. We also run Bobbinet...